Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Grotto Crew - Working together in Ashtabula, Ohio

We are preparing a history of this stalwart band of Christians who ensure breakfast is served every Second Sunday of the Month, Autumn through Spring.  

The name Grotto originates from shared roots in local Masonic organizations.  The color of the aprons is Red and reads, "Grotto."  

The breakfast served by Grotto includes scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, crispy potatoes and onion medley, toast, coffee, and orange juice. 

Pete Smiley, Bill Murphy, Kathy Lines, John Korb, Shelley Lyle
 Grotto has been working together for a very long time.  Kathy was left to the group by her brother, when he died.  was an original volunteer.  Kathy says all she inherited was a sturdy pair of boots. 

The Grotto Crew Individually

Bill Murphy

Kathy Lines

Pete Smiley

Shelley Lyle

John Korb