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Proposal to End The Invasion and the Slavery of Women

"In the 19th century, the international community came together to declare slavery an affront to our common humanity. Today, governments, civil society and the private sector must unite to eradicate all contemporary forms of slavery, including forced labour. Together, let us do our utmost for the millions of victims throughout the world who are held in slavery and deprived of their human rights and dignity."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Message for the International Day
for the Abolition of Slavery
2 December 2014

In Support of Ending Global Slavery:
Proposal to End The Invasion of Non-Muslin Majority Nation States by an 
Invading Force Masquerading as a Faith

Marriage as defined by the adherents of ISIS is slavery.  Young girls and women are delivered into the condition in which the 'husband' controls their actions and property by marriage in which they have no choice.  Today, women are being sold into slavery and as ‘wives,’ without their consent, making this another form of slavery.
Enslaved by this form of 'marriage' violates the actual rules set down in the Koran.  These women and girls are forced through threat of inhuman punishments to carry out duties which they do not freely choose.   
There is little or no recourse in the laws of the forces which have adopted these practices and errant systems of law.  These practices ignore the content of the Koran and in any case individuals are required to follow the law of the nation in which they are resident.  No exception should have been made for adherents of the ISIS. 
Using this mischaracterization of 'marriage' ISIS has created the means for culturally invading nations which offer plunder to be stolen.  The plan follows the tactics used by Edward Bernays, admitted to in his book, “Propaganda.”  A perusal of the Manifesto for Women provided by the leadership of ISIS dispels any doubt as to the horrors awaiting women so enslaved.  See Sections from Manifesto on Women, issued by ISIS. 
Taken in its totality the invasion targets the benevolence and freedom of nations being invaded as a covert act of war, using women and children as the battering ram behind which participating men hide.  
  The claim what is practiced is a religion serves also to hide the transfer of wealth, exploited from women and their tethering children, which are essential to carrying out the take over of free people in the Western Nations.  

Therefore be it resolved: 
Because slavery and human trafficking is prohibited across Europe and most of the Western World and ISIS hinges on enslaving women and exploiting their labor, which is then consumed by their supposed 'husbands,' who are, in fact their owners, we call for the following steps to be taken to end this threat to the civilized world. 
All men with wives either now living in Western Nations or asking for entry for any reason will be held to the following agreement as a condition of residence in their host nation.  Men promise and commit to honor the equal and separate human and legal rights of women in accordance with the laws for the Nation in which they reside.  Having so affirmed, the participating Nation shall limit political asylum to those willing to also affirm, recognize, and guarantee such performance.  
All men seeking political asylum in Western Nations with a wife and or children, shall be denied entry unless and until they sign a binding contract guaranteeing they will honor the equal and separate human and legal rights of women usual for that nation.  The wife and children will be separately asked and allowed to sign an agreement stating they will follow the laws of the hosting nation. 
All single men seeking political asylum in Western Nations shall affirm by binding agreement they will honor the separate and equal human rights of women usual for that Nation.  
The penalty for violating this agreement will be loss and transfer of all holdings, property, funds and other assets, to the woman held in slavery or woman harmed by their actions.  The man will then be expelled from the Nation to his originating location.  
The assets will be rendered to the woman, who by this decree be legally divorced and have full and complete custody of all children of the marriage.  
Any attempt to harass, harm, or otherwise violate the rights of the divorced woman or the children by either the former owner or anyone acting in his stead will result in a life sentence with no parole in an institution able to ensure escape is impossible.  All assets owned or held by such individuals will be forfeited and paid to the victims of the acts.   
In the case such parties attempt to hide assets with extra-territoriality services for the seizing of assets will be made available by various means, including authorizing privateers to enter the offending jurisdiction to seize assets held by either the men in question of those assisting them, be these banks, holding companies, foundations, individuals or nations harboring these slavers.  
The problem for effective action when dealing with perpetrators who raise extra-territorial issues was dealt with by Congress issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal during the American Revolution. A similar approach is still possible as the practice is outlined in the United States Constitution, Article One, Section Eight, Powers of Congress.  To quote: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States...To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water”
             During the Revolution, most of the action taken against British shipping, according to Edward Stanton McClay, author of “The History of American Privateers”, 1898 by Doubleday & Company this aspect of the conflict was handled privately.  McClay recounts the following:  
There were 792 investor-owned privately-armed ocean crossing American Privateers that captured over 3,100 British Empire vessels 1775 – 1781.  The Continental Navy and State Navies and Privateers totaled 64 and only 3 were left operable by the end of the Revolutionary War.   Those investing in the Privateer ships were, in large part, ladies investing 20-dollar gold pieces in the ventures stock to purchase vessels, hemp rope, gunpowder and cannon.  
 During the War for Free Trade and Sailor’s Rights 519 American Privateers captured, again, over 3,100 British Royal ships. There were only 23 Navy tax-supported ships 1812- 1814.  
It is unfortunate these facts were previously lost to history but the effectiveness of this private approach to property and personal rights reclamation, supports an approach which uses private means for action when governmental means would complicate matters.    
While there are far more Federally funded ships today the US government, it does not carry out collections for private parties, raising the option of, again, using Privateers.  
America has a history of protecting international traffic on the seas and keeping land and sea lanes open, emphasizing captures and the sale of goods, instead of merely inflicting harm.   Today, this might take the form of lawyers, and adjudicated approaches with mercenaries to enforce women’s individual rights.  
We suggest, in accordance with these Constitutional historic practices, that legal attorney Privateers will be compensated 33%, while Military Privateers will be compensated with 66% of the funds recovered, by historical precedent in Admiralty Courts. 
International Property Title Insurance Companies’ Courts could be ramped up to handle the case load in lieu of governmental courts, thus freeing taxpayers from the financial cost, which in the instance of Nations, may not be compensated. 
            This practice for repossession of property, wrongful insemination, and recovery of children, will be carried out by contract between the hosting Nation Privateers, the victims being assisted, and third-party courts to ensure no piracy occurs.  Upholding the Rights of Women is essential to ending Slavery around the world.    
If it strikes you this proposal is extreme pause to consider this.  Half of humanity is vulnerable to injustices including slavery, abuse, ransom, kidnapping, theft, fraud, rape and the loss of their lives in the name of someone else’s ‘honor.’  This is systemic violence endured by at least half a billion women in Muslim, Christian, Shinto, Animist religions which have captured various governments, must be ended, so humanity can establish peace between all people.   
Since other governments cannot, or will not take action; then it is up to free women and their allies to assume the challenge of organizing to throw off the acceptance of organized violence everywhere.  
We can change the world, establishing freedom and peace for all of us.  

Social Justice Project for the Women's Institute for Individual and Political Justice

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