Thursday, March 19, 2020

Real Affordable Health Care for All Americans

by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster 

Dear D. Pratt Demarest,

Enjoyed your article of March 19, 2020.  We have solutions to the multiple problems you outlined, and we are implementing them and making them available to Americans so they can solve multiple problems in the free market.  You named some of these, others not.

Health Portal begins with the charging method used, taking into account the advice of Milton Friedman, who said, “If the only thing in business which is certain is uncertainty, then we should base our financial systems on uncertainty”.

Our charging method takes into account ‘uncertainty’, also known as erratic incomes, such as so many Americans are now experiencing en mass. 

Other problems with the present system of Rigid Installment Premiums, include:
·        Severage of coverage if a payment is not made on a required, fixed schedule, right when you likely need the services. For 300 years, American doctors and midwives in the free market charged a percentage of income, often in produce or cash, for universal comprehensive medical care for everyone. 

·        Medical providers who make their living from earners, have genuine economic incentives to provide epidemiology, wellness, and preventative care, in addition to rapid yet long lasting curative care. 

·        Lack of a reliable means for people to do comparison shopping on medical treatments and drugs. 

·        Failure to provide information on all possible alternatives, this mandated and enforced by government, which listens most clearly to the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. 

·        Removing the control of choosing from those who pay for these services and products.

·        Investing unjustified trust and power in the American Medical Association.  The power the AMA exercised today is enforced by the government monopoly given to them in several increments from 1902 until 1910, achieved this power after a half century of effort to drive other approaches to health out of the marketplace. 
·        Government displacement of long-existing organizations and churches which have a proven record for maintaining their relationship with their members. 
·        “Who do you trust?”, becomes a question people answer for themselves. 
Americans are well able to determine what works for them IF they are provided with the facts and can check these for themselves. 
Ensuring contingencies, such as the coronavirus, would be taken into account by a Mutual Finansurance Mutual.

Think of this as an exercise in returning to self-government. 

Now, let’s talk about facts and government. 

When FDR started Social Security, a dark day for Americans, he took the list of services provided by the Improved Order of Redmen (IORM), the oldest fraternal order in America, and made elaborate promises on the ‘trust’ he was beginning.  The original organization reconstituted itself as the Redmen in 1812.  Before then, you knew them as the Sons of Liberty. Today, I would add Daughter of Liberty. 

Now we know Congress stole all but three years of the income from the Social Security Trust and, with other programs sold to Americans, are bankrupt.  In France, the government also extracts a percentage of income for its version of social security retirement.  These funds are invested in French stocks and bonds as mutual funds, and return profits.  Retirees in France are well off and have funds to enjoy the rest of their lives. 

In America, those who paid into Social Security all of their lives are told what they receive as a tiny stipend each month, is charity, not a proud return on investment.    

Can Americans trust government?   No.  Should they trust Congress to foist another ‘program’ on them for their own ‘good’?   No.  Congress has earned a reputation for unreliability and failure to tell the truth, which stands on its own as a measure best expressed in negative numbers. 

Americans need to organize for their health care outside of government using organizations, including churches, they know they can trust from long experience. 

Mutual Finansurance Cooperatives (MFC) will have little need for infrastructure as signups can be handled by apps with minor variation from the original programming auto-deposit/auto-%PAYEment, and the membership website for interaction.  The template for all banks in the USA will cost only $1.6 million.  The cost of running a single MFC is low and funds are invested as the membership decides by the rules of their own rules.

10,000 individuals can get whatever they want; this is a well-known fact. An insurance mutual with 10,000 individuals have the same statistics as the entire nation. 

America has a long list of beneficial organizations dedicated to an enormous range of causes, and most Americans already belong to at least one of them.  The template for these MFCs is a mutual finansurance company of at least 10,000 individuals who pledge a percentage of income and can choose the health improvement options they want.  No one tells them what they can, or cannot have.  Members are responsible for reviewing the options they have used.  This is made available, without their name or identifiers, to the entire membership.
Because payment is on a percentage of income basis, the loss of a job or other circumstances, do not impact access to health care and the long term contract remains in effect from having financed treatment of pre-existing conditions, insurance probabilities, and preferred human investments.    

Members can decide to add to the percentage they pay so dental, longevity, and other options are also finansured and so included. 

Americans learn about these options on Health Portal, an Interactive TV show which features people who want to talk about their satisfaction level with the health care option they used.  Good or bad evaluations, and the rebuttals, makes good, credible content and attracts more participants to weigh in. 

Mutual Finansurance Cooperatives are not difficult to start, and have a good history for serving their members.  This is the way out of a system which makes its profits currently by extracting money from the slow deaths by drugging and chopping until the patient is dead; an approach so destructive it fits the definition of psychopathic.  Call is socialist or fascist, either term works and fits into the definition of psychopathy. 

This is a clear choice.  Either a Medical Soviet or the choice to choose.       

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